Signal jammers may protect smart devices

Cell phone jammer are like cell phones in that they differ by make and model. Some rely on a simple switch while advanced models require a manual change in frequency.

Hackers try to find more and more loopholes in the operation systems and to create new malwares. Some iPhone users have reported that there is a problem with some Internet sites and the proper working of Safari. Also, iOS won’t save you from websites that gather your personal data. Some adds appear and block the browser when you visit some internet sites. The problem about that is some webpages are affected with malwares and in this way they harm your mobile phone too. We would like to mention that there was such a problem with Android mobile phones too some months ago. Scripts are built in some sites and they make popup adds appear. According to these adds you should send a SMS message if you want to visit the website. Pressing the „OK” or „Cancel” button will not close the add and if you restart the phone this also will not help you to get rid of the annoying message.

This is one of the weakest sides of Windows operation system. Another one is Wi-Fi module. Though all the Wi-Fi networks are vulnerable and are a good spot for hackers – Windows phones have even more vulnerabilities for Wi-Fi hacking. But we believe this software will be improved in the future and become even the most reliable phone software. Also there is a tendency that a lot of others operation systems will be released in some years on the market and it is only our decision which one to choose and which one fits best into our needs. But there is one thing valid for all kinds of operation systems- each of them has its pros and cons and before buying a new mobile phone we should read reviews and be sure that we know all of the vulnerabilities. We can say that getting a new cell phone is not just spending your money. Have in mind all of the vulnerabilities especially if you buy a Windows phone and also keep in mind that a simple 2,4 GHz Wi-Fi/Bluetooth signal blocker will make any cell phone safer. We are more than sure all of them will be improved in the future.

Jammers are mainly used to render these devices useless and are being used by companies and individuals with increasing frequency. Today we’ll cover two of the most popular type of jammers that function for two unique purposes: WiFi jammers and drone jammers.