Principle and purpose of signal jamming equipment

The jamming device works by sending radio frequencies to the same tower. It will overpower the cell phone signal by mimicking your cell phone.

Basically, it sends out a signal that is the same frequency as your phone. This signal is powerful enough to outmuscle your phone’s signal.

As smartphones and tablets have flooded the market, hacking into the phones has become a big problem to manage. All businesses and official works nowadays are done via smartphones like the accessing of mails, keeping records, maintaining contacts and other business related works. So phone hackers have become all the more active now and toll frauds and unauthorized utilization of phone services are wreaking havoc for companies. They manipulate data, retrieve confidential information, tap calls and do other activities which can be very disastrous for businesses.

Phones should have proper security against malware and Trojans, which often serve as a gateway for phone hackers to get into the phone database. Proper antivirus programs should be installed and updates should be regularly done so as to incorporate the latest security measures in the phone. This would greatly help in preventing the action of viruses and malware which tends to interact easily with the phone software and cause malfunctioning. These methods can greatly reduce the prospects of phone hackers in creating havoc for your business.

There is some truth in these allegations of car spying and collecting information. If the car tracks everywhere the individual goes, then it knows the person’s favorite places. It tracks and records all the movement so it knows where the person unwinds during their free time, where they eat and who they visit. Car tracking even knows the favorite holiday destinations that people have. But do the car companies share this information? In his justification, the senator Schumer cites a study that was done by the government accountability office. It reveals that up to 90 per cent of the manufacturers of cars, security and tracking devices share the information they collect. And in this case it will be wise to use a universal 10 frequencies cell phone jammer because the car spying is a worrying trend, and the fact that it takes advantage of devices that people trust to keep them safe makes it even worse.