Signal jamming weapon is an important means of security defense

Remember when Venezuelan President nicolas maduro was hit by a drone bomb while attending a military memorial in Caracas on August 4? In fact, the use of civilian drones for strikes has not been uncommon in recent years, especially in Syria. Compared with traditional “low, slow and small” targets, this kind of uav has the characteristics of “lower, slower and smaller”. Conventional anti-aircraft missiles and artillery can do little to prevent collateral damage if they are caught flying over cities. However, an anti-uav laser exhibited by huanghu science and technology co., ltd. at the 12th zhuhai air show is in short order.

Northrop grumman’s electronic warfare (EW) specialists are producing plain, open-architecture RF shields for infantry, land vehicles and fixed sites at full speed to protect U.S. and allied warfighters from radio-controlled improvised explosive devices (ieds). The faa has no specific rules that allow police to jam or jam drones in flight, but unauthorized drones can pose serious security problems, whether smuggling items to prisons or filming secure locations. While things like drone jamming devices may help, drone signal jammer are still prohibited from using FCC codes, which means ordinary consumers and even private security companies may not be able to legally use jamming devices. That said, if regulations change and jamming devices can be used legally, they could be a useful tool to improve drone safety.

Officials with the naval air systems command at the naval air station in patarxent river, md., have called on Insitu to provide the Philippines with six ScanEagle uavs, support equipment, training, field activation, technical services and data. Insitu is a subsidiary of Boeing. “All you need is an RF [radio frequency] component to transmit high power signals in the right frequency range,” harrison says. “Jammers are always available, you can buy GPS jammers online. It’s illegal, but you can do it. And we know that some of our adversaries have deployed quite large and powerful jamming systems as part of their force structure.”

The drone jammer system, technically known as the sd-10a laser headspace system, USES advanced photoelectric technology. It can destroy small uavs within seconds through coarse tracking by radar search, precise tracking by photoelectric system and precise strike by high-energy laser. The system can be widely used in military and civil fields in response to fast and light-speed strike.