Signal jamming devices have always played an active role in our lives

The Jammer’s role is to interrupt the communication link (or network) between two (or more) “partners”, when they are trying to talk with each other or deliver certain data between them. Jamming the communication link between a Drone and its Operator is a specific case out of many more; we can try to jam the communication between a cellular and the base station, between two tactical radios, between a bomb and a remote control that is used to activate it, etc.

Since the gps jammer has an area cover of 50m to 60m, the two blocks would be covered. It will prevent mobile phones from making or receiving calls. It would prevent gangsters and criminals from keeping in touch their associates to carrying out their activities outside.

The Army’s embattled missile defense network, IBCS, passed a major field test at Yuma Proving Ground in October, contractor Northrop Grumman announced today. In stark contrast to chronic software crashes early on, the command-and-control system accurately tracked everything from drones to helicopters to fighter jets, both Army aircraft and Marine ones. (It’s hit ballistic and cruise missiles in earlier tests). It drew data from Patriot and Sentinel radars that were not designed to work together. And it kept doing this for days all this despite active  jammer  by a live adversary, the kind of challenge Army Chief of Staff Mark Milley fears existing Army networks may not survive in a high-tech conflict with Russia or China.

This is the time for one more important clarification. Usually, in the Anti-Drone application, the intention is to jam the Drone when it is hundreds of meters away from the sensitive area/perimeter (where the Jammer is installed). For example, we want to jam a Drone, which is 300 meters away from the cell phone jammer and flying at an altitude of 10 meters. As can be understood, in this case the diagonal distance between the Jammer and the Drone is about the same as the horizontal distance between them. Therefore, in order to simplify things, we will be discussing horizontal distances and we will not bother our selves with calculating the exact distance, because the difference is quite small.

The digital payload essentially allows you to disconnect the up link signal from the down link signal,” Butler explained. So if somebody is jamming the signal, we can just disconnect that jammed signal, find the UAV a new frequency, and reestablish a link, essentially neutralizing the jamming signal…