The use of jamming devices is opening up

However, some states are proposing legislation, such as California, that would allow firefighters and authorities to cancel drones if they interfere with emergencies like wildfires. Blocking access to airports, hovering over fires and crossing highways could be seen as situations that could bring down these drones. However, it remains unclear whether officials legally allow the use of radio signal jammer such as drone jamming devices.

The clearance system for uav swarm defense, reclaiming low altitude defense and laser intercept, on civil, as well as to the embassy, nuclear power station, oil depot, government buildings, museums and other important place to implement a low unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) defense, also can decorate in civil airport, drive the airport runway and surrounding environment of all kinds of birds, still can stop in the civilian route of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) low-flying aircraft such as the black fly, showing great use value. SD – 10 – a laser systems have been invited to the ministry of public security clearance of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) organized by the national demonstration, chongqing international expo security intelligence industry, “invisible interception – 2018” unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) challenge and some activities such as organization of actual combat maneuvers, on-site destroyed several rotor unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) and fixed wing uavs, defensive attack effect is remarkable. It can be said that the laser clearance system has become a “low, slow and small” aerial vehicle “busters. Crucially, the lasers cause little collateral damage and can be used effectively in densely populated areas.

If you’re an unmanned pilot trying to control a drone in a no-fly zone that you shouldn’t be flying, then because of all the legal complications we can’t control and hit drones and jamming devices in flight, no one can do that to stop you right now. But with the development of technology, countries have found a new solution: “uav shielding”.

Not only that, but the lasers could also be used to jam the electro-optical reconnaissance systems of military drones like the U.S. predator reaper. This kind of laser weapon can be used for anti-reconnaissance in military. It can cause full-screen interference, deep saturation interference and physical damage to the optical camera of uas within a range of tens of kilometers. This point, may be other domestic clearance system does not have the function.