Effective means of preventing espionage – signal jamming equipment

A Wireless Spy Camera Jammer will allow you a feature to stop the incoming frequency of your cellular phone related network service supplier wherever you go and there is no require to have switch off your cell phone to keep away from incoming calls as well signals and your visitor will find automated a tone of voice message from their related network service provider if the receiver is out of network coverage region.

South Korean government officials report that the jamming operation, which began in late March, has been targeting aircraft navigation equipment. North Korea has reportedly broadcast a jamming signal on 100 occasions. A total of 962 planes have been affected by the jamming, as well as nearly 700 fishing vessels. The jamming has also affected cell phone base stations.

GPS jamming devices – they are also pretty useful because in that way nobody will be able to track you down and since there are rumors that the governments want to spy on us, the GPS blockers started to become more and more popular in the recent years.

GPS jammer is designed for area and assets protection against satellite navigated threats like GPS guided missiles. The SCL-APSNT can also be used against low flying UAVs to prevent reconnaissance of important place. GPS jammer can be effectively used in combat situations for eliminating satellite navigated guided weapon systems, missiles and ground/airborne threats It is designed to operate on all satellite navigation system available today or in the near future including GPS, GPS II, GALILEO and GLONASS at different power levels. It is upgradable to operate on COMPASS. (SCL-APSNT) provides protection ranges from 30 Km to 150 Km depending on the power output of the jammer and the envisaged region of coverage.

Cigarette mobile signal jammer is too helpful in many times when you are in a night club party because in such enjoyable movements you want to avoid and take full pleasure of the attractive moments without receiving any dull calls from your house calling urgently you back or your company boss. There are many other area you could have need a high power mobile phone jammer for instance-when you are with your favourite one and need top secret you would definitely like to block your mobile arriving calls from network service contributor.

Now it appears that North Korea, determined to drive U.S. forces off the Korean Peninsula, may have successfully jabbed at this Achilles’ Heel. Despite Pentagon denials, South Korean military reports contend that covert jammers in the North Korean hilltops likely triggered a U.S. spy plane’s “emergency landing.