GPS jammers are gaining popularity

Some US federal and local prisons are pushes to use cell phone jamming technology to stop the illegal mobile phone use in prison. To help keep contraband from being smuggled into state correction facilities, the Tennessee Department of Corrections asked the Federal Communications Commission to lift its ban on cell phone-jamming technologies in jails and prisons. South Carolina prison officials have been pushing the Federal Communications Commission for several years to allow cell phone signals at prisons to be jammed.

At Sacred Heart, a device at the entrance to the church and another by the altar are turned on right before every Mass. Still, priests remind parishioners to turn off their phones before beginning the services, hoping good cell phone etiquette will eventually catch on.

Most of the US requires the license to use the jammer system. Cell phone blocker is using at mobile phone forbidden area to prevent sensitive information/data leaked via a cellular network. What is jammer? Cell phone jammer is a cellular signal blocker, jammer transmits the same cell phone radio signal overpower and disrupt the communication between the phone and base station. When installing the signal blocker, the jamming distance can only in-jail and does not obstruct the mobile signal outside the prison.

Margarita Escobedo, a Catholic who goes to church at least twice a week and volunteers at the San Genaro church, says she would welcome the jammers in her parish, where cell phones are becoming a nuisance.

The Justice Department micro-4G jammer test is the agency’s latest effort to crackdown on phone use. In August, the Justice Department asked Federal Communications Commission regulators to come up with a way to stop inmates from using contraband cellphones, according to the Associated Press. Currently, the FCC can only give permission to block public airwaves to federal agencies, not to state or local ones.

For anyone gearing up to deliver a speech to an audience, there’s always a chance they’re going to be rudely interrupted by someone’s mobile device going off. Ever since phones landed in the hands of the masses, there’ve been stories of theater actors pausing mid-performance to have a go at someone whose phone started sounding at a crucial moment of the proceedings.