Cell phone jammers have become a popular tool in society

More than 80% of middle school students have mobile phones. Most students say that the main function of buying a mobile phone is to communicate with their parents. But in practical use, contact with parents becomes a minor part of it. Most students use their phones for socializing, taking photos and playing games.

As a desktop jammer that abandoned the portable performance, the multi-interference band and the large range of interference are Its main features. The product to be introduced is the representative of the desktop GPS jammer.

In South Korea, schools allow junior and high school students to carry mobile phones, but students must leave their phones in the school’s centralized custody after school and return them to students after school. It can be used in the school’s office or dormitory management office to set up automatic storage cabinets such as shopping malls, so that students can store their mobile phones so as to prevent students from playing with their mobile phones during class.

China’s education sector has taken a simpler approach. Education allows schools to use signal cell phone jammer. So school officials often buy mobile phone gsm jammer on a large scale to prevent students from using their cell phones and cheating in exams.

“Nowadays, mobile phones are not just a tool for talking. Some students also use their mobile phones to cheat in exams, which has a negative impact on students’ learning and character building.” A Texas high school principal, in an effort to end student cheating, has also deployed 70 jammer devices for use during student exams.