The final solution to uav-GPS signal interference

It applies to Police, Bomb disposal squads, VIP protection, Special Police (S.W.A.T), military security forces, bomb squads, anti-terror units, anti-drug units, Border control units, checkpoint personnel and so on. Such types of law enforcement personnel who benefit greatly from the deployment of any state in the art portable RF jamming solutions,who can conduct the law enforcement process more effectively to reduce the chance that the criminals leak the information.

One prominent feature of the electromagnetic gun is that it can not only disable unmanned aerial vehicles, but also disable explosive devices that can be detonated by remote control such as telephone or text messages. The electromagnetic gun can block all external signals so that the engineers have enough time to arrive at the site, dismantle the explosive device and eliminate the threat completely.

Stopping drones is difficult. “Technological solutions to detect and disrupt drones are in their infancy,” Rosenstein said, adding that the Justice Department supports regulatory changes that would make it easier to deploy interdiction technology and cell phone jammer.

In general, military-grade quality is synonymous with high quality. So many people will pay attention to whether it is a military product. Does the GPS jammer product have a military grade quality? Of course. Our has a military grade jammer, exquisite workmanship, high quality. At the same time also has a waterproof cover and tactical arm hanging. Can meet your application on different occasions.

The electromagnetic gun can also shield all wi-fi, 3G and 4G communication signals within a radius of two kilometers by emitting an invisible electromagnetic beam. These functions are what the current counterterrorism operations require.