GPS jamming devices determine the future battlefield

The electronic jamming equipment would be consistent with a 2016 U.S. Department of Defense report that said China’s People’s Liberation Army views such electronic warfare as a “force multiplier” and “would likely employ it in support of all combat arms and services during a conflict.”

When you need a GPS jammer to work for a long time, then the heat performance becomes particularly important. Thermal performance in addition to depending on the body material, but also depends on the size of the cooling fan and quantity. Today we have to introduce the jammer has a very strong cooling performance.

The Rychag-AV is considered one of the world’s most powerful jammers when it comes to disrupting the electronics of combat aircraft and cruise missiles. Russia’s Rossiyskaya Gazeta daily cited military experts as saying that the Rychag-AV jammers added significantly to reducing the effectiveness of the US air strike on Syria’s Ash Sha’irat airbase in April 2017.

According to American defense officials, the Russian military is deploying a weaponized form of GPS jammer that is effectively blocking some U.S. drone aircraft operations over Syria – and is even affecting drones equipped with anti-jamming technology. As more and more operators contemplate the deployment of autonomous vessels and aircraft in the maritime space, the vulnerability of high-specification military hardware to GPS jamming may pose a cautionary tale.

The Next Generation cell phone jammer Low Band program aims to develop a system that will work to build up the Growler’s electronic attack capabilities against incoming threats in the electromagnetic spectrum’s lower frequency bands