Can you shut off light bulbs remotely?

Is it possible to jam a street light or a light bulb in a warehouse or on a front porch, Its weird because normally when I walk by street lights or drive by them they flicker and dim off and then come back on when I’l like 20 ft or so away. Is there I guess you could say such this as a power jammer/emp?

New models of cell phone jammers will reduce the number of car accidents, according to some experts. Still wondering how this is possible? So, let us give you some brief information on this topic by saying that many of us take serious risks when talking on cell phones while driving. That’s why scientists have devised a particular type of cell phone jammers that should be installed in some of the latest car models.

By giving a serious idea to this idea, you will see that it is a genius, but only to a certain extent. Surely, there are many negative sides of this thing, but before doing so, pay particular attention to the positive sides. The first thing is the fact that it will definitely decrease the number of car accidents for sure. We pay the necessary attention to the road and we focus solely on it while driving and not talking on the mobile phone. And this has been proven by specialists. But if we talk on the phone, we can not be so focused on the road and often accidents can happen in this case. – Because our braking and maneuvering reactions are at least 45% slower. That’s why more and more people are starting to try to protect their kids with these cellphone jammers in their cars. In addition, a more positive thing here is that if you are a jib-jabber and at the same time you spend a lot of time in the car, you will reduce the monthly bill if your cell phone signal is blocked.

But, there is a possibility, that we will be able to provide you with the device, that can block remotely controlled lighting systems. I’m talking about such systems as Belkin’s Wemo light switch and others, that can be remotely controlled via iPhone or Android smartphone. In that case it will be enough to block Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, so those systems won’t work. But you should be careful – if you’ll use such a signal blocker, your home Wi-Fi network or hotspot will go down, until you turn the jammer of.

If that will do for you – you’ll need a portable 2,4 GHz signal blocker. It has 50 feet of jamming range, which is more than enough for a portable device. Also it is not as harmful as EMP jammer and won’t cause any interference for mobile phones and other electrical appliances, while EMP jammer would block everything that uses electricity.