Is it possible to track me, while my GPS jammer is on?

Hi there! My friends recommended me this website, because here are a couple of specialists in jamming devices and I have a question of that sort. A couple of days ago I’ve found a GPS tracker under my car, but the problem is that I have a GPS signal blocker. Is it possible to track my location with that jammer on? Many thanks in advance!

Basically speaking, this type of frequency is good enough to transmit data between two devices and in most cases these two devices are used for cheating – that’s why it’s really good to know some things about this type of technology. So, if you want to block the so-called Bluetooth, then you must know how to do it. The easiest way is to use a Bluetooth jammer. Here, it should be mentioned that the Bluetooth jammer is a very good investment because as it was said previously that Bluetooth and WiFi use the same frequency of 2.4 GHz. Therefore, if you get a Bluetooth signal blocker, you can also use it to scramble the Wi-Fi signal.

Considering that this will actually help you block two signals that are very popular nowadays, then a good WiFi / Bluetooth jammer is actually not that expensive. We must also admit that the popularity of these two types of connection may seem rather dangerous so far. The first thing that comes to mind is that Bluetooth is frequently used to hack mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and even laptops. Honestly, this type of hacking was not widespread until smartphones really became popular in society. In addition, the fact that these mobile devices contain a lot of sensitive information about us can never be ignored.

First of all you should know that GPS is not the only option to calculate somebody’s location. Those tracking device may use GLONASS as well, it is a Russian analogue of GPS. The only difference is that they use different frequencies and a simple GPS jamming device won;t be able to block it. Also, cell tower triangulation may be used. That technique is used to track your raw location between three closest GSM base stations.

So, as you can see – tracking is possible, even while GPS jammer works. But there area couple of ways how to avoid it. First of all you will need a universal GSM, GPS, GLONASS GPS signal jammer, which will block all the possible means for tracking and another option is to inspect your car from time to time, in order o make sure there are no trackers under it!