GPS Jammer To Be Used Within The Legal Scope

Thousands of people use gps jammer to hide the fact that they are driving stolen cars, or to hide the fact that they are driving commercial vehicles for dangerously long hours and that the probable consequences are more serious than the screen of your GPS. lose on a KOM on a Strava segment.

jammers create a 500m “bubble” around a vehicle when plugged into the cigarette lighter. In this area, the GPS does not work, the security technology of the aircraft can be affected and the systems for locating stolen cars are located. Truck and taxi drivers who are monitored to prevent them from driving illegally for long hours can also use them to avoid detection, although the report does not specify how a GPS records location rather than time spent driving .

Despite all these risks, the devices are completely legal and are widely sold.

According to The Guardian (link is external), “When engineers began monitoring traffic on a two-lane highway outside London and comparing traffic on London city roads, they discovered 10 breakers per day. roads. This would translate into thousands of users across the country, given the amount of traffic on the road.

GPS and radar jammers are particularly penalized in Oz, the same country that has one of the highest ‘discreet’ traffic monitoring rates – of course, speed is a bad thing, but some states will impose a driver at 3km / h on a 60+ limit, and hide the cameras in wheelie bins, traffic cones, and so on. It really is a massive income stream.

Many people will buy something like a Car GPS Jammer simply because they don’t like the “Big Brother” approach. Of course, if you do nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about. Titles like this make the problems sensationalize, but there is sometimes a grain of truth in alarmism.

NEW DELHI: If you thought your car was safe because you installed a “foolproof” GPS security system, you need to think about it. Car thieves use devices that can block a vehicle’s GPS signal and take it out of the network. Anti-theft squad detectives (AATS) fear that these portable, battery-powered devices may also be used in kidnappings and other crimes involving GPS booths.

“Installing a GPS in the car is useful because we are directed to where to look for it, if it is stolen, even if the thief tries to damage the location device, the last position of the car is frozen in the data, ”an AATS officer. “However, the new jamming devices are a big threat: the earlier jamming devices cost Rs 25,000 per piece, but now even a small auto elevator operator can buy a jammer from Rs 5000 to Rs 1200 and use it to help activities criminal. “