Mobile Signal Jammer Can Paralyze Communication Tools

MANGALORE: As part of the strengthening of security measures at the Kukke Sri Subrahmanya Temple, one of the main pilgrimage centers in southern India, the temple authorities have installed a mobile signal jammer.

This is to let people meditate, prayer is not affected by outside noise interference, the use of gps jammer will be the best choice, high power jammer can almost around the block a few hundred meters radius, blocking signals of different frequency band, making communication tools is paralyzed, to ensure that the temple calm.

The initiative was taken following requests from devotees to keep the temple premises away from noise. Temple engineer KC Udayakumar told YOU that the mobile signal jammer was ordered a few days ago.

“We installed the mobile jammer with the help of a private agency, but we blocked the signals of all the service providers inside the temple to prevent the devotees from using cellphones”, he said, adding that the move has been successful so far.

“With this new initiative, the faithful are reassured,” he added, adding that the majority of the faithful are satisfied with the new decision.

Although Sri Kshetra Dharmastala management has no plans to introduce a mobile signal jammer inside the sanctuary, security personnel ensure that no devotee uses cell phones on the premises of the temple. Temple director Veeru Shetty said the security personnel were ordered to ask the devotees to turn off their cell phones in the temple premises.

The executive director of Kadri Sri Manjunatha temple, Ningaiah, said that they did not intend to install a mobile jammer inside the temple as there is a directive from the Department of religious endowment.