Does a jammer really avoid being monitored?

We are seeing more and more cases of employers trying to collect information and spy on their employees. That is why we decided today to pay attention to this problem and to inform our readers why the employer is breaking the law when he tries to spy on you and how you can protect yourself against it.

We checked the latest statistical data and found that many employers use special employee tracking devices. Over the past year, layoffs have increased due to social networking or other Internet activities, making employees feel uncomfortable in their offices. Statistics show that almost every third employee suspects that his employer is spying on him. Top managers and scientists tend to be more suspicious, and it appears that the higher the employee’s salary, the more suspicious he becomes.

Social research shows that 12% of employees had problems with their boss reading their private correspondence, checking their browsing history, and monitoring other non-working activities that were taking place in the workplace. For example, 44% got caught looking for a new job and 43% spent their time chatting with friends. In most cases, such follow-up leads to an uncomfortable conversation with your boss, but sometimes it can lead to a wage cut or cut.

Another interesting fact is that every second employee who suspects that his employer is spying on him is trying to limit his non-working personal activities, including cleaning up browser history and sometimes even avoiding chatting about sensitive issues. You should really be careful when surfing the internet in the office as there are billions of websites that collect your personal information. But, in fact, most employees are not interested in possible persecution, spying and eavesdropping, and the minority is ready to quit a job or even sue their employees.

However, this espionage is not limited to simple monitoring of browser history and correspondence. There are a number of special programs to spy on employees for the benefits of the employer. Such software makes it possible to track every activity on the PC or laptop and even to control the camera and a microphone remotely. And it is done in such a way that everyone realizes that they are being watched or overheard.

The most common and simple are: Actual Spy, HiddenAdmin, Dameware, WebCam Monitor and a WebCamSpy. These apps can help your boss spy on you, but as you can see, malefactors can use them too. At signal jammer we checked and found that lawyers cannot say that it is 100% illegal to use such software, its legality is really questionable.

We should also mention that such software is widely used in various Internet cafes, schools and universities. These apps are also used for remote monitoring of your home and this is very practical because you can check at any time from anywhere in the world whether everything is OK. However, they are often misconfigured so that anyone can access them.

You can even try it yourself. You just have to google «CgiStart? page = single »and you get a really large list of web cameras that have open access. We recommend that you invest some time in configuring your camera. And the bad news is that employers often have open access to the cameras they install in offices, and anyone can watch them over the Internet. But there is a solution – a spy cam jammer device. It will help you avoid spying and blocking all wireless web cameras in the area. Also, don’t forget to use this device if you have installed a home surveillance system and are not sure if it is configured correctly.