GPS jammer can keep others from finding you

The competition from the tablet development industry will be extremely fascinating. Since Apple’s famous iPad changed the world of computing, users, like IBM changed it in 1981, have wanted to hold handheld entertainment devices in their hands as quickly as possible.

Artificially from the last months of 2011, the Apple iPad tablet is a steamroller among its competitors. In accordance with Apple CEO Tim Cook, their iPad owns 75% of all tablet sales in the United States. The biggest annoyance for Apple’s rivals, according to reviewers and customers, is that there is no company that has developed a tablet that matches the quality of the iPad. When we talk about tablets, Apple’s iOS Android hits with ease.

But now you can ask: how is this information related to GPS tracking? Frankly, tablet competition can change the way these GPS tracking systems work. For example, take a look at the Asus Transformer. In line with several reviewers, this tablet computer, which is based on Android, is the strongest competitor to the iPad, apart from Samsung Galaxy Tab models. Asus has developed a great product with a well-integrated keyboard that allows you to effortlessly turn this tablet into a nice netbook.

Unlike the iPad, and also like many cell phones, the Asus Transformer GPS technology inside GPS devices has easy tracking locations with amazing precision. But there is a problem: it doesn’t seem to do it very well. Asus has mentioned customer complaints about the tablet’s embedded GPS, which may be a bit slow, with embarrassing location delays.

So what’s the solution? In line with Asus Germany’s Facebook page, they have developed an update that uses the tab’s Wi-Fi connection to get the GPS satellite signal. So far, using Wi-Fi to completely replace GPS satellite signals sounds wrong. Wi-Fi signals are not as common around the world, while signals from GPS satellites can be sent all over the world. Emerging technologies can eventually make this question go away.

Of course, if you are very concerned about privacy protection, you can choose a suitable gps jammer , simple operation, you can quickly cut off the radio around you so that your location is hidden.