Phone jammer prevents others from following you

The location-based services market is a rapidly growing market that will grow to over $ 8 billion in 2014. It includes not only common outdoor gps jammer location, but also rapidly progressing indoor location, which technologies have been developed by many different companies in various forms and with different developments. Let us give you a few examples that show you how developed indoor tracking is.

As you walk through the store, mall, or other public place, your smartphone leaves so-called digital breadcrumbs and various systems collect and store them. This technology is known as wireless fingerprinting. It is usually used with Wi-Fi frequency band, but other wireless frequencies can also be used. For example, Homeland Security uses this type of tracking, which they call GLANSER. This technology is very interesting for the FBI because it allows people to be tracked in places such as indoors and even underground where there is no GPS signal, and long-term use of cell phones can cause cancer

Qubulus has developed another technology called QPS Positioning Engine. Their technology uses radio fingerprinting because every place on the planet has a unique combination of radio waves and is therefore unique. This system can pinpoint your location up to three meters, whether outside or inside. And of course, this technology uses all available frequency ranges for its operation.

The Scottish company Sensewhere has taken a different path. Given the fact that Cell ID technology is around 300 meters accurate and Wi-Fi location is around 80 meters accurate, they have created something new. Together with these two technologies, your server pings the location of all these smartphones together and in motion, creating a more precise picture (up to 5 meters) of the locations of all these devices within a given building.

The company, called CSR, has developed its SiRFstarV microchip that can use all available sources of location tracking data to determine indoor and outdoor location with high precision (up to 10 meters). Similarly, Broadcom has developed its BCM4752 microchip, which can find the location of your smartphone outdoors, indoors, and even underground, and not just the location itself, but also the floor or height you are at. The precision of your microchip is the best among all others on the market, which leads to an accuracy of a few centimeters.

Are you happy to discover such tracking options? Or are you afraid of being persecuted this way? If that is the case, you can prevent your cell phone jammer from tracking you anywhere and thus protecting your privacy.