Do you know the origin and parameters of the jammer?

My dear friends! Today’s article won’t look like it did before, and you know why? Because today I would like to ask you one thing: do you believe in all the news you read on the Internet? I hope not, and here’s why. This ridiculous nonsense was published in the Columbus Dispatch:

Do not make me laugh!

The civil gps jammer system uses L1, L2 and L5 with frequencies of 1575.42 MHz, 1227.6 MHz and 1176.45 MHz, respectively. Armed forces use L3 band (1381.05 MHz) and L4 band (1379.913 MHz). 4G wireless networks use 1710-1755MHz and 2110-2155MHz as 3G plus 2496-2690MHz frequency in his work. LightSquared received the spectrum between 1525 MHz and 1559 MHz, which is close to the GPS L1 band, but does not interfere. The tests have shown that only 1% of the entire GPS frequency range is sometimes slightly affected.

So it’s up to you to believe The Columbus Dispatch or not. If you want to protect the GPS from possible interference from the new 4G network, you can use 4G jammers to block the LightSquared radio network. You know just in case.