Does FinFisher really have full control over your communication devices?

FinFisher is a company with the world name that works hard to create various espionage solutions for governments, law enforcement agencies, military organizations and large companies. One of their surveillance solutions is called FinSpy Mobile. It is researched, developed and built to easily monitor all types of mobile communication devices, from traditional cell phones to advanced devices such as modern smartphones.

FinFisher uses many very effective ways to reach your phone and successfully infect it with its surveillance system. One of these options is to ask the unsuspecting user to install and update their smartphone app. While user thinks this is an official update, the company’s malicious software would be installed on the phone and secretly start its dirty work.

After the installation and the start of the software operation, FinFisher has absolute control over your communication device. Your tiny virus can do many different things, such as listening to every phone call, reading all your text messages and voicemails, and even searching all files that have never been sent to someone saved on your smartphone. And that’s not all! This nifty program can access your GPS navigation system to track your location in real time, hear your non-phone calls through your mobile phone’s microphone, and even monitor the image displayed on your smartphone’s camera.

FinFisher FinSpy Mobile Software is fully compatible with systems such as BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Android, iOS and many other operating systems. FinSpy uses such frequencies as GPRS, UMTS, GSM cellular bands, wireless wifi jammer connections and GPS navigation frequencies to reach its destinations. That is why FinFisher FinSpy Mobile Jammer is the only device that can help you hide from this system. With this type of signal jammer nearby, you can be absolutely certain that your spy virus cannot reach your phone and detects something that you would rather have hidden carefully.