Can NDCAC really block Internet connections?

The Federal Bureau of Investigations recently announced that it will set up a new department for cyber intelligence and research, the main goal of which will be to develop technologies that enable police and other law enforcement agencies to use wireless and Internet communications from all easier to eavesdrop on citizens. This new division of the FBI is known as the National Domestic Communications Assistance Center or NDCAC.

The main purpose and working rule of the NDCAC will be to fully support law enforcement agencies at local, state, and federal levels in any form of electronic surveillance and eavesdropping on wireless communications or interception of internet connections. All of the $ 8 million out of $ 54 million used by Congress for electronic surveillance purposes will be spent on the creation of NDCAC. The new department’s field of work will be very broad – starting with trying to intercept and decrypt Skype calls and ending with analyzing terabytes of data and social networks from mobile operators (yes, your cell phone jammer calls are there too) and not just records, but also real-time monitoring. Oh, and don’t forget custom bugging hardware creation somewhere in the middle.

If local, state, or federal police need surveillance assistance, it will definitely get it from NDCAC. And this fact becomes even more worrying when you remember that judgeless tracking and eavesdropping are spreading like a disease these days. Emails, instant messages, VoIP calls, social network updates and much more – everything is monitored and recorded for further analysis. All of this raises many concerns about the personal rights of every person in the United States, as all options for electronic communication are constantly monitored, even if there is no clear authorization to do so.

“While you don’t have a fake mustache or stocking over your head, there is no way for a large crowd to prevent them from being secretly imaged,” said Todd Morris. “In these cases, we need to use our technology to combat the technology only at the server level using algorithms that say,” Do not post this photo of me on the Internet. “Internet, by simply recognizing their voice or even their face, they should be able to unmark them the same way. But if everyone starts wearing these Google glasses and other augmented reality glasses, we will face the new type of surveillance because they are likely to record everything they see.

So please tell me, do you want to prevent the FBI and NDCAC from eavesdropping on your life and eavesdropping on all your conversations and reading all your electronic messages? Or do you like what’s going on and agree to the creation of NDCAC and the fact that it is constantly monitored for the greater good?