Can GPS jammers effectively prevent tracking?

In the long-term development and implementation of the information management system for logistics and transport companies, logistics and transport companies must exist in an intensive exchange with almost 100 different types and sizes of logistics and transport companies in the increasingly cruel logistics and transport market. By constantly improving our management skills, we have to constantly adapt to the perspective of the customer (ie the owner of the goods) and constantly examine how we can better meet their needs.

The car terminal that we normally use is a GPS terminal installed in a silver-colored taxi. After installing the device, the service platform can be serviced. The construction of the entire machine is relatively simple and its appearance makes it very easy to install.

The appearance is like a black box. The entire machine is divided into a GPS host, an auto display pager, a GPS antenna, a CDMA network antenna and a power supply. The simple structure makes installation very convenient. As an input and output device, it can display relevant information that has been published by the platform and can communicate with the platform. A microphone is also installed in the car so that the driver does not have to listen while driving.

When the service platform receives the corresponding auto service, it forwards the information to the auto terminal. When the empty taxi driver sees the relevant information, he can choose to call and then the detailed information is transferred to the car. The driver can use the information to find the appropriate customer.

As can be seen from the above, the entire equipment is not complicated, but the function differs fundamentally from the navigation device that we usually use. The message release and confirmation message steps form a bridge between the passenger and the driver, so that the taxi service only implements the service concept of on-call duty and onward travel.

In our lives we often encounter GPS tracking devices. However, such devices are often used to track others, which not only violates our privacy but also compromises our personal security. If a gps jammer is present, it can be effective. Protected GPS tracking protects the privacy of our location. gps signal interference devices are inexpensive and easy to transport and very popular on the market.