Should schools use jammers?

We all know that cheating is very common in school exams. With the development of science and technology, various tools for cheating exams have emerged in succession. In addition to our most common cell phones, such as wearing special glasses, cheating on headphones, cheating on pens, etc., some candidates who install a full set of cameras on the beverage bottles are also very common. The system is really incredible.

cell phone jammer for mobile phones can now be installed in the test room to avoid cheating in the test and thus maintain the fairness of the test room. Cell phone jammers can block all cell phone signals within a certain range, putting the cell phone and all fraud tools in the field in a network-free state, avoiding the occurrence of test fraud from the source.

How do cell phone jammers work? The Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Culture commented on this and indicated the use of such devices. The use of a device that blocks the reception of mobile phone signals by sending its own radio waves does not include protection against data checks. Mobile network operators have the right to use cell phone occluder within the cell phone band because they can use the frequency of their auctions.

According to the data protection law of the responsible Ministry of Culture, a cell phone jammer is placed in the room to search and shield the frequency band in a certain area. No personal data is collected.

Regarding the phenomenon of fraud in public school exams, it highlights the usefulness of using such equipment in the exam room and some issues that require attention. Candidates use cell phones to share and send responses, etc. All are fraudulent. You can easily avoid the effects of such devices by putting your phone in airplane mode.

When the mobile phone is placed in the flight mode, the mobile phone is in a network-free state and cannot receive any information at this time, which reduces fraud. However, this only solves the problem of cheating on the mobile phone. Nowadays, the use of cell phones to cheat is only the oldest and most traditional. The path to cheating is gradually being replaced by other cheat tools such as headphones and watches.