Do you know the effective range of the drone jammer?

In recent years, the development of drones has taken place very quickly, and various types of drones on the market are dazzling. The use of drones signal jammer has ranged from traditional military drones to commercial drones, as well as our most popular civilian drones and drone toys, and prices have been getting lower and lower. However, the widespread use of drones has caused us great concern.

In terms of civilian use, drones can be used not only for tourism purposes and aerial photography, but also as illegitimate channels such as sneaking pictures, surveillance, information theft, etc. Many young people even use drones to ignite firecrackers easily causing large losses. However, since buying a drone does not have a real certification, it is impossible to determine responsibility, even if drone flight sometimes carries a great risk.

To this end, the US federal government announced a new drone directive last month: Drone maintenance operators must register their drones. Secretary of Transport Anthony Fox said: The main reason for the new policy is: “People who break the rules cannot determine responsibility.” This measure largely manages and standardizes drone flights. We’re going to introduce a powerful drone blocking tool – the drone jammer that can block the drone by controlling the machine switch and cut off the drone’s WiFi GPS signal band with remote control.

A government official said the registration policy will help the drone’s standard flight, and those who fly responsibly will know that there will be consequences on a dangerous flight.

Most of the drones sold on the market focus on amateurs. These newcomers are only for freshness, for entertainment, they ignore the rules and expose the aircraft to the danger of national airspace. The time caused by black flying is endless. Therefore, it is necessary to standardize the flight of the drone and after a certain level of training.

We hate the sounds of drones that seriously affect our work and rest. We are more concerned about GPS navigation and cameras. Drone jammers can help us solve all problems by sending RF waves. Drone flies at a certain distance. Many people said that in addition to using drone jammers, we hope that the government can regulate the flight of drones.