Is the GPS jammer unlimited?

GPSdome is a perfect solution for small UAV and other unmanned vehicles that need a miniaturized solution that doesn’t limit their range of action, “said Ehud Sharar, CEO of GPSdome.” The amazing minimum SWaP (size, weight and performance) of our GPS domes makes it ideal for autonomous vehicles as well as for personal gear. ”

“The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) operates autonomous drones that patrol the US-Mexico border and are plagued by border smugglers, especially the drug cartels,” said Gai Mar-Chaim, senior partner of management consultancy POC. “The DHS gives this challenge a high priority and GPSdome is the only commercially available solution that weighs less than 150 grams and consumes less than 0.75 watts.”

“We are very interested in our GPS dome for civilian applications because all other existing similar products are designed to meet military requirements and are expensive,” said Omer Sharar, GPSdome VP Marketing. “Our affordable product is miniaturized to better cover civilian applications such as homeland security, emergency and rescue, fleet management, utilities and infrastructures, network synchronization, financial transactions, and more.”

gps jammer┬ádeveloped a cyber protection solution against interference and interference for GPS-based systems. Its competitive advantage is its competitive price compared to existing solutions developed for military applications, while GPSdome is better developed for civil applications. The company’s development team includes Electronic Warfare (EW) engineers who previously worked for the defense industry and developed the GPS system based on advanced military technologies. However, innovative miniaturization technologies and product adaptations for civilian applications enabled a significant reduction in the price.

To catch the drone, the police and army test everything from eagles to lasers. At the Davos Economic Forum, the answer is neither bird capture nor directional light: it is the radio frequency that is directed from the antenna to the UAV.

jamming drone, you can block a certain range of UAV signals. You don’t have to worry about privacy if you are sniffed, you can enjoy quiet time.

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