Is GPS jammer really harmless?

Large and small supermarkets, shopping centers, etc., we can all see a variety of shopping carts. In our opinion, the shopping cart is only used to make shopping easier and reduce shopping pressure. Indeed, the shopping cart has a more important use, namely tracking people shopping to track the customer’s buying behavior.

The shopping cart is equipped with a GPS tracker that is common in many places. In the United States, the habits and preferences of consumer groups can be captured. In New Zealand, it can help older people due to the serious age problem and so on. Shopping carts around the world hold many “little secrets”, but we don’t know. Different service concepts, humanized design shopping carts help us in the supermarket.

In many large supermarkets, they offer a range of membership programs to increase customer returns. For example, members can get additional discounts on regular promotions. In 2014, a new supermarket in Auckland, New Zealand, quietly installed a gps jammer in the shopping arcade to better investigate customers’ shopping preferences.

The locator is a rectangular black plastic box. The supermarket staff put the plastic box in the shopping cart. It is difficult for customers to notice in order to receive a lot of criticism from outside. The media believe that customers have the right to know that they are being tracked while shopping, and the supermarket should notify the customer in advance. The supermarket manager explained that this was not illegal.

The GPS tracker installed in the shopping cart sounds harmless, but significantly affects the customer’s privacy. It’s easy to be offensive. When you buy items, you are always monitored by others and feel very uncomfortable. To avoid trader tracking attempts, some customers wear a mini GPS jammer to protect their privacy. The owner of an artificial intelligence company said: artificial intelligence has changed other industries. Why not bring changes to the supermarket’s shopping cart?

To better promote the customer’s buying process, New Zealand has introduced an artificial intelligence shopping cart to help customers find the most convenient channels. It is understood that there are many small supermarkets in New Zealand that use automatic shopping carts.

GPS satellite positioning is practical for our lives, but does not preclude us from using our equipment to track ourselves. If we suspect that it is being tracked by the GPS tracking software, we can use GPS jammers to capture the GPS signals around us and our position