The harm of the jammer to the human body is not big

When using electronic products, we are always concerned about whether the electromagnetic waves are harmful to the human body. For this reason, electronic products are a very important reason.

Electromagnetic wave is everywhere and is it harmful or not? The Future Science magazine in France has published a scientific essay on electromagnetic waves. This message indicates that the electromagnetic wave is everywhere and how very harmful to humans, you know? The phone more popular and the universal base have multiply, 4G has been widely used. So people paid more attention to this issue.

As we know, broadcast broadcast, TV can show and the phone can call others, satellite space can communicate, they are due to the electromagnetic wave. Radar, microwave, wireless network and X-rays can also work through electromagnetic waves. That is, the electromagnetic wave has been used all over the world.

You should know that the visible is a construct of a single electromagnetic wave. Everyone may not know that we all bathe in complicated electromagnetic waves. The star produces radio and our body also produces the weak wave. All devices work that can start the electromagnetic wave. So, even you have no phone and no computer, no wireless internet that does not mean that you are surrounded by the electromagnetic wave, you were surrounded by it every time. For a simple instant, when you turn up your radio, you already have surround from the wave, although you never see it.

There are different waves in the world of electromagnetic waves. Some of them are long-wave and short-wave, some of them are high-energy waves and low-energy waves, less of them are strong waves and weak waves, you can see them or some waves cannot be visible, but the visible waves are more than the invisible wave , Every type of wave is actually energy, its size is zero, but it is the charging of electricity called quantum, it can move as light when it is vibrating.

In fact, the entire wavelength of the electromagnetic wave that we used is longer than that of the light wave. So according to the theory, the wave that we used is only a little danger to us. But the electromagnetic wave is also harmful to us, but it is based on the distance from the wave and the strength of the wave.

Do not close the electromagnetic wave that is best for your health, but how far we have to stay is a good choice, it depends on how strong the electromagnetic wave is. For example, the electric shavers and cell phones that are more harmful to people are actually difficult to say. The electromagnetic wave from the electric shavers is stronger than from a telephone. But you only have to shave once or twice a day, so it’s a little impact on people. But like many harmful ones from the phone, we all doubt it. And it’s not just the phone that surrounds us and most of the devices in our lives.

The same goes for signal jammer cell phones, and many people are concerned that using jammers can affect their health, as the fact that the effect is very small and scarce shows.