How important is a GPS jammer to a pilot

The Russian Ministry of Defense recently received a number of mobile electronic Krassukha-4 warfare complexes that are capable of blurring spy satellite radars, ground radars, and airborne command and control systems (SDCA), the daily writes. Izvestia of April 25, 2013.

“Before the end of the year, the electronic war brigades will receive several krassoukha that will be integrated into more complex global military jammers,” an informed source said.

In 2012 the army bought its first series models of the Krassukha-2 system. More specifically, it’s only designed to combat aerial targets – SDCA guidance and control systems, flying radars like the US E-8 Joint Star, and drones like Global Hawk and Predator.

Physically, they look like ordinary radars mounted on the eight-wheel BAZ-6910 chassis. They are developed by the consortium companies Radio Technologies – the largest developer of electronic war systems in Russia.

Dmitri Kornev, an independent military expert and editor of the Military Russia website, says Krassoukha is making significant progress in high-tech warfare.

A commercial Rochelais disrupted the departure of four planes at Nantes airport on April 20. One of them was 1:15 late. The reason? The man had a jammer in his car that was parked in a parking lot near the slopes.

The Rochelais left his device connected to the vehicle’s cigarette lighter while he was flying to Africa. But he didn’t know that the jammer was still working, even when the car’s engine was off. The device has therefore generated frequencies that prevent pilots from using their gps jammer, which is important before takeoff.

Specialists from the Agence Nationale des Fréquences had to intervene to find the signal. It was then necessary to contact the owner, already in Africa, to open his car and disconnect the jammer.

“Nobody can use a pity or have their own, except for some government services like the Department of Justice or the Home Office in very special situations,” recalls the National Spectrum Agency.