Learn to use jammers correctly

Currently most cell phones already have 6 GB of storage space and even more, even 8 GB.

But what about iPhone? The iPhone’s storage space doesn’t seem to be very clear.

In fact, the iPhone’s memory is only 2G, and almost no mention of it, then why is it like in a few seconds to kill 8G android?

First of all, the background mechanism for iOS and Android is different: the former is a fake background (in fact, the smart background is actually more appropriate because not all iOS examples stop background processes like music and game applications), which means you can take a small one Memory so that IOS does not require a large amount of RAM

Then ios pushes various application messages through the Apple server, which means that Apple can receive messages without an application (like WeChat) and receive messages without opening them. (But is not quite in the country) (Domestic Google services, push google news server, but can be abroad, so you find that foreign Android phone manufacturers are not interested in more than the remaining cell phone jammer do), so the application program. The whole life in the background is very necessary, so the domestic delivery is too small, is not conducive to coexisting for many app.

Finally, I would like to say that there are many factors that determine the voice capability of the phone. Storage is just one of them, and ios is an unprecedented effort to optimize your system.

However, despite the current situation, a year later, Android phones have become scattered, there are many things to do.

With the improvement of the Android virtual machine, however, the fluency continues to improve, the gap to the iPhone is not as obvious as before.

However, due to the open platform, too many applications can be built on Android, so it still has a long way to go before the system runs smoothly.

“For example, if you determine a user’s location, you know where your user is. If you want to open an offline shop in the future, select certain provinces and get the user’s address book, mainly for social and recommended websites your friend uses the same product in your address book, technicians say It is important to note that some applications in the development process also provide some third-party function modules, such as access to cloud service modules, insertion of a traffic statistics module, etc. These third-party providers can also get user permissions from the application Go You can see that most of the private information access is not for convenience, but for the commercial interests of application developers, with the ease and ease of maintaining and using user privacy is the reality a worrying Si cherheitslage. It is reported that almost all Android phones and applications have different sizes, once destroyed, the user’s privacy will be “st”. For example, Mr. Liu told reporters that for SMW users, its main function is to manually copy the code when it is received and the program must be filled in automatically for fashion purposes, the text content can be easily saved in the application.

If you have accidentally installed email monitoring of Trojans, you can read text messages over the phone, the background will automatically be returned to the email or cell phone specified by the Trojans, it will not only annoy your phone more but also harass you Message authentication code, login payment must intercept platform, e-commerce sites are not authorized. More patients through illegal channels through illegal channels for bank card account, transaction ID card and password and other information, access to online banking, direct transfer and even help the victim apply for a microcredit a few times.