GPS jammers will panic you

Nowadays, modern wireless technologies have become a fairly important part of our lives. Can you imagine the world without all the smartphones, tablets, the mobile internet and other portable gadgets? We use them very often and these portable devices are often used in various business matters and even important social services. A prominent example of such a widespread wireless technology is GPS.

The global positioning system is used not only for civil navigation, but also by rescue teams and for aviation and maritime purposes. As you know, the system itself is vital for many social services, and if one day there will be no GPS, it can even panic. This is probably the main reason why these GPS signal blockers are considered illegal. They are quite dangerous because they can disrupt important communications.

So there is a question why these dangerous devices are popular? That’s all because GPS can be misused easily. This global navigation system can be used for tracking purposes, actually illegal tracking. If you have any kind of GPS-based gadgets – someone can use it against you.

It’s common knowledge that putting all eggs in one basket is dangerous, so there are some alternatives to the GPS navigation system. They are GLONASS, cell tower triangulation and Wi-Fi navigation. If GLONASS is fairly clear to the public, it is a GPS-like Russian GNSS, then the triangulation of cell towers and WiFi navigation may need to be clarified.

We’ll start with WiFi navigation, the system is being developed, but the first steps have been taken by Google Corporation. Google has gathered information about thousands of WiFi hotspots in their Street View project and this information is used for navigation purposes. As long as the physical locations of these wireless hotspots are fixed, you can calculate your location between at least three of them. The distance to each of these hotspots is calculated based on a signal strength, the closer the hotspot – the stronger the signal. We believe that the future is after this type of navigation. But it also has a few drawbacks: there are less accurate results compared to GPS, it only works in densely populated areas where a lot of Wi-Fi hotspots are presented. Hopefully, the accuracy of this technology will grow as the number of WiFi networks grows.

The second technique is the triangulation of cell towers and it is much more convenient since it uses your own cell phone to track your location. Now a few words about how it works. As you probably know, your mobile phone maintains connections with at least 2-3 base stations. Your coordinates are known and fixed. And your location is calculated between three of these cell towers. The advantages of this technique: It’s pretty universal because everyone is now using mobile communication and has a cell phone, and this tracking works wherever the cell coverage is indoors.

So you see GPS free navigation exists and it can be quite dangerous because it’s easy to abuse. So it’s better to think about protection before someone tries to track you down. And in this case, if you are not sure where to expect the threat, it is advisable to use a universal¬†gps jammer¬†for gps. So all your fronts are covered!

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