Does a jammer prevent you from being monitored?

One day a stranger will check your email, rummage through your instant messages without your permission to read or scan the websites you’ve visited – maybe even find out that you can read this story.

Everyone worries about the drunken photos of themselves posted on Facebook that could leak to the world – whether this nice guy or girl, the parents, or worse, future employers. But that’s not half of it. Facebook has nothing on the phone that has become the most powerful weapon of privacy invasion ever.
They could be spied on by a secret camera in a lingerie store or tracked with a computer chip in your car, your clothes, or your skin. Perhaps someone will look casually through your credit card purchases or cell phone bills, or a political advisor might choose you to pay particular attention to based on data purchased from a provider.

With the appropriate use of cellular technology, parents can fence their children, spouses can read their partners’ text messages, and the government can locate a caller’s location within a few meters – all facts that most people are not aware of.

By triangulating the phone’s position based on its communication with a number of the narrowest towers, the accuracy with which the wearer can determine the phone’s location can be narrowed down to say 50 meters. If the phone has GPS functions, the user’s location can be located within a few meters.

Consider those notorious little service bars. How else could these bars be extrapolated without constant communication with your provider’s closest cellular antenna?

In fact, it is likely some of these things have already happened.
Who would you watch with without your permission? It could be a spouse, a girlfriend, a marketing company, a boss, a police officer or a criminal. The equivalent of being caught nude in the 21st century – Whoever it is, we will be with you in ways that you are never intending to see.

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