With jammers you can isolate all electronic signals

The artist Allison Burtch installed a cell phone jammer in the logs to be more disturbing. He used the jammer to paralyze the frequency of the phone around him, getting rid of the phone calls that made serious noises and noises.

Mobile communication is often a very annoying thing. For example, a sudden call during a meeting can be very annoying. Angry use of mobile communications in prison is likely to trigger illegal activities such as drug trafficking and jailbreaking. The purpose of using cell phone signal jamming is to prevent the reception of cell phones and to strictly prevent communication.

Of course, if you can’t make phone calls and communicate with distant people like normal people, life will at least become very difficult and live outside of human civilization. The artist Allison Burtch placed a jammer in a camouflage case that blocked possible phone calls in the surrounding area. This is suitable for many offices. To meet.

Create a quiet, small environment and let yourself worry about problems and protect yourself from the outside world.

Andy Greenberg said in Wired magazine that he can effectively keep the call distance blocked by jammers at least 6 meters. He placed a self-made jamming system in the hollow trunk of the birch tree, which generates radio noises and makes the phone silent. the weaknesses of the WLAN encryption protocols can lead to worse statistics.

Due to the limited frequency range of the coverage, the jammer can only transmit jamming signals with the same frequency of 1950 MHz and only block voice calls. This is a friendly, art-inspired design that encourages people to communicate more naturally. Only then will we have the rare opportunity to publish really valuable statements.

Burtch said on his website that there is a quiet little room where people can talk quietly about problems and protect them from the outside world. With this technology, people can deal with nature again and above all create a more perfect and protected resort in nature.

Due to the technological development and the spread of smartphones, many people are used to permanently switching on GPS location. You can clearly see nearby WiFi hotspot communication and that of other registered hotspots using their cell phones. Of course, also those that have always bothered us, such as GPS tracking devices.

An inviting customer said: I can decorate a cell phone signal in the restaurant to make it easier for my family to communicate personally, without having to worry about phone calls and outside noise interfering.