Are GPS jammers widely used outdoors?

Almost every smart phone uses GPS for navigation and location mapping. The technology is based entirely on satellite time signals and will only operate outdoors. Apple’s new technology is an aggregation of the on-board location database and Wi-Fi access points to achieve amazing accuracy in both free and indoor locations. The system has a long line of factors associated with the large inclusions such as ‘presence area’ which is commonly known as the hardware communication area and filtering of access points. The technology enables many intelligent non-GPS devices to easily track locations amazing precision.

GPS has always been a fruitful mobile application to guide users with consciously unknown locations and in reaching new destinations with ease. From late several cell phone developers and technicians have expressed their keen interest in bringing an advanced and sophisticated development to the site tracking function to take to an extreme level. Apple has finally registered an authentic technical innovation, which will allow additional accuracy in inside-location mapping and location detection. The technology is creating waves all over the world since it does not require GPS support and has its own mechanism.

The main reason here is hidden in the fact that we store a lot of personal and sometimes really sensitive information in our mobile devices. The information we have spoken includes text messages, contact list, all files and the data from our GPS module. It is dangerous because many websites can find us not only an IP address that can be easily exchanged with a proxy, but using GPS data and cell tower triangulation. The company has passed the data on your position, gender and age so advertisers can now provide you with relevant ads based on your location. While this information depersonalized that fact, showed us that large cell service carriers can easily track us down.

You should know that such use of tracking browser data or data provided by satellite navigation can be really useful not only for advertisers, but for law enforcement as well. It will be easier to fight cyber crimes or mobile fraud. On the other hand, it can also help various criminals. As we mentioned earlier, it is possible to localize not only with GPS but with cell network data too. In this case, three closest cell towers are calculated based on your approximate coordinates. The only way how to stop that – is to use a combined gps jammer. The signal jammer will hide you from any kind of tracking.