Cell phone jammer is an artifact to prevent cheating

Candidates on November 14 and 15 in this Haryana Teacher Aptitude Test (Htet) were unable to use all of the hi-tech means of cheating during the exam since the authorities have decided to take various foolproof measures including using them cell phone jammers near the exam halls.

The increasing use of electronic devices in written exams has alerted the city government to the possibility of incompetent candidates who the government. The AAP government has decided to prevent jammers from installing fraud using high-tech electronic devices to be held in exams for Delhi government jobs. In May, the Supreme Court had to install the targeted jamming cell phone in testing centers to prevent paper leaks and other malpractice. The guideline had come after alleged fraud in the All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT).

In order to wipe out the chances of high-tech fraud in the written exam, H.P. Civil Service Commission established cellphone jammers in the test halls to test its veracity and efficiency. Therefore, a proposal is coming soon to allow the government of Himachal Pradesh to provide adequate budget for cellphone jammers, install in each and every exam hall and center, to avoid high-tech fraud during the exams and early detection exams sent to ensure smooth and fair examination.

You are so simple. The size of the classroom cell phone jammer will vary depending on the type of device. If you have a stronger jammer, the antenna will be external to provide better range and coverage. Adjustable units have the added advantage of being able to ‘tune down’ so they don’t block in the adjacent areas.

It can shield all types of cell phone signals, and you can call and receive and send messages as well as surf the Internet. That means you have to shield the following frequency range: CDMA / GSM / DCS / PHS / TD-SCDMA / WCDMA / CDMA2000; the valid protective distance must come up to 20 meters; Reasonable price, time limit for quality is three or more three years. School uses signal jammer only when exam, while quitting, please put it back to storage room.

For schools, it is probably very positive that the cell phone jammer are very inexpensive and have a limited range. This means that the ‘restricted area’ can also be controlled well and no pedestrians or neighbors are affected. The ‘cellphone-free zone’ stays in class or in school. “