Do you know the cause of the jammer alarm?

In terms of understanding this very powerful car signal jammer, you first need to find out the remote control of the car is working. Also referred to as the Remote Keyless Entry System (RKE), 80% of new cars are now installed with such a keyless entry system. Such a system consists of a wireless remote control transmitter, a radio receiver plate, composed of various sensors and the host, when the host receives the remote control signal, from which content is decoded (e.g. pressing a key to lock the door, press 2 keys for the door) and the operation of the vehicle through the control system of the host.

In fact, able to communicate between them because the same frequency of operation that is equivalent to that we have to use the same language in practical situations, otherwise it will not work.

Due to the current use of radio frequencies strictly controlled by the state associated with the theft of the automobile system and remote control frequency is fixed between 314-315MHz and 433-434MHz, because the auto alarm is part of the national mandatory product certification, apart from two outer bands cannot use other frequency bands, otherwise it is illegal.

Jammer is for almost all cars

Understand the working principle of the car remote control, it is not difficult to find out why the portable car can play troublesome. In everyday use of the car, there is often such a situation: when we tuned the car to radio stations, moving vehicles to other locations there is a “re-sets” or the phenomenon of the “string table” may be as the ratio of Radio like the receiving host anti-theft devices, the launch pad remote control, it gives a signal, other radio becomes “noise”, a phenomenon also known as “co-channel interference.” As long as there are two identical frequencies at the same time, it will be between them interfere with each other, and one of them is much larger than the other force will cover all other signals, which is why jammers make jamming alarm reasons.
That is why all models have the effects of malfunctions in today’s market. The individual models have reason not to affect the jammers, in fact just because the other party is using jammers can only be one band. only the same frequency, with the remote control after all, and the auto operating frequency of 315 and 433 each two different frequency bands, then if the jammer is only one band, they can not be the interference for other vehicles.

After locking the vehicle pull the door handle to check

Test shows that in fact disorder cannot be avoided, but does nothing. In fact, in addition to the routine for the properties of the original car, pay attention to some details of theft, but your car can be solved by an anti-theft system upgrade.

Now that you know when the radio jammers continue to work, it will block the owner of the remote and block the previous host communication, letting the vehicle receive the remote commands. Therefore, the car is the daily lock, we should pay attention to some details. If remote control is done after the vehicle is locked, the car key lock is pressed, or the most effective method of remote locking is to pull the door handle when the lock is seen by hand. Even if you press the button to lock your car, pay attention to the original car lights will flash in sync, if there were jammers working, press the remote control lights will not light up.

Upgrade security systems more secure

In addition, you can also update security systems solutions at the same time. Now the most popular car alarm system is the RFID keyless system (smartkey) with Wi-Fi and GPS anti-theft system.

Keyless system gives users a new comfort experience: car owners in the whole process only need to carry one remote control, should you not use the key to open the door and drive. When the owner is within reach, the car will automatically recognize the key and identification, light pulling hand can open the door. This seemingly insignificant change, so that the vehicle is essential in terms of security, has been improved, as has its two-way authentication between the remote control and car key, the host will automatically send a signal to the remote control door when the host is not using it The remote control’s response is on behalf of the remote control will not be in the car. Interference in the remote control to block communication with the host, the host cannot receive the response from the remote contro.