The location of the jammer is also important

Iranian security officials said on the 13th, as the anti-phishing, confidential information may be exposed to Iranian officials from using smartphones while at work. Buying cell phone jammer In many important locations, installing jammers can effectively block the signal to prevent leaks to prevent. This appears to be in jail two days before the media exposure to Iran nuclear talks likely to be held by hackers after secret surveillance. Iran Civil Defense Organization director Gholam – Reza told the Iranian Students News Agency that the smartphone is not secure or that the information received can be secured and removed, even by hackers. He hinted that a hacker could implant Trojan virus in some applications and even cell phones to help steal confidential information. The new regulations still have to be finally approved, then officials will have to use the phone while working on other sensitive information, but in private, as long as no secret, or you can use a smartphone. 11. This month, Swiss and Austrian governments confirmed that there may be an investigation into secret surveillance of the Iranian nuclear negotiation process, said Russian Internet security provider Kaspersky Lab, that surveillance involves a very complex computer virus that only the national government has launched only ability to develop. Some IT experts believe Israel is behind. Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Huotuofuli denied that Israeli intelligence agencies were involved.

The basic principle of jammers
Cell phone jammer scans the front end to the lower end frequency channels during operation at a constant speed. The scanning speed can be formed in the interference distortion phone receives the message signal, the phone can not recognize the normal data sent from the base station, the phone can not connect to the base station. The power of cell phone search, no cell phone signal, no service system and so on.