May the jammer only control outside calls?

Cell phone signal jammer, less than 2.5 kg, two palm size, the shape and the transistor radios, similar to STB.

The role of the cell phone signal jammer is that in the exam room to block cell phone signals, the candidate cannot call it to send text messages. The low-power jammers and narrowing the scope of the shield, only playing a role in the exam room will have no effect on the candidate, it will not affect the lives of people around the exam room.

The purpose is to give the candidates a fair and equitable way to prevent and combat the environmental investigation area, to deliberately ‘scam gang’ and the use of modern means of communication to compete for fraud and other serious fraud, to cleanse.

Signal shielding instrument concert hall for 4G, CDMA signal can not be shielded, the shield can only 3G, GSM signal, so the audience will not be able to use the phone signal shielding When you turn off the phone, the phone does not turn off the phone rings, percussion performance venue of the theater regulations.

Symphony Hall used phone signal jammer according to the current three mobile operator devices installed in the field signal have been tested, open the case can shield, the foreigner can not access the phone jammer, internal phone can not dial out.

The antenna shield covers the entire spectator area to receive incoming signals and analyzes its operating band, the corresponding frequency band acts to transmit an interference signal to make the mask signal work. Therefore, even if the cell phone signal showed the audience, in fact, it cannot be turned on.

Jammers may only be able to control foreign phone unable to connect, but few viewers when the phone is in silent mode, when you use the other’s phone’s non-calling functions such as alarms and cameras, we cannot guarantee that the phone will be one Not beep. In addition, some cell phone alarm tones cannot be muted.

Therefore, relying on the majority opinion of the audience Wen Ming speech, can not rely on “anti-technology.” In the theater, the initiative to close mobile phones and other actors could interfere with other viewers of all types of facilities the move civilization.