How long can a WiFi jammer work without interruption?

This is a rechargeable lithium battery has an integrated antenna and the smallest handheld wifi jammer. Ultra-small little devices – when we go it’s easy to carry.

WiFi jammer two hours after fully charged work, so it has a car charger and charger for indoor and outdoor charging. If you can, you are ready to use the power to move it to make it take longer.

WiFi interference with camouflage properties – it looks like an unknown product. You just need to open and close flags ON and OFF. Larger than a car remote control, designed specifically for your pocket, of course it’s smaller than your wallet – the secret way to protect your mobile device, to protect WiFi unknown, unsafe and unclear resources.

WiFi 2.4G 2400-2500MHz, radio frequency is just one goal. Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless audio spy cameras, wireless network cards and other products are also caught by the frequency of the signal jammer working profession. Help devices that keep you safe driving, maintain a clear signal environment, making WiFi loud and dirty.

Very affordable price of $ 99.99, you could get a super mini size WiFi jammer. Of course, you can also offer high quality services.