The jammer can also be used as a weapon

We hear a lot of complaints every day, privacy is destroyed, no space reserved for our personal privacy. That’s why we decided to offer some website advice on how to protect your privacy through a variety of signal jammer equipment without harming other people for you. First of all, we hope you remember Signal Jammer is a weapon, it could do bad things in the wrong hands, so be careful.

We will use the most dangerous equipment, can be used for tracking, eavesdropping, they can collect a lot of specific data, such as login / password, email and people you know – your smartphone. Anyone who manufacturers and cell phone operating system that modern smartphones are dangerous. The main reason is one device all your data. Your personal information, your current coordinates, your friends, and so on.

For this reason, hackers try to find new ways if Spiegel’s report is true – the secret services like NSA also spy on your smartphone. This is the easiest and cheapest way to get large amounts of data quickly. The most dangerous thing here is that you can’t do anything. Without such anti-virus, firewall, or encryption methods, you can protect your data without killing this gadget.

In addition, all encryption programs are quite complex so that most people are not confused. There are two decent choices that could hide your information. The first is the mobile internet and GSM jammers that you hide in a very short amount of time, but you won’t be able to make or receive calls. The second is to avoid private and valuable data on the portable device, smartphone or tablet storage. Both will reduce the functionality of the device, but it would surely prevent data loss.

The second thing to worry about is the wireless network. They are not reliable, hackers use this fact. Most smartphone users are public areas and free Wi-Fi hotspots, not only the Internet, you can also install the update process and mobile banking information. This is very dangerous, especially for Android users, since the Android operating system uses SSL encryption and weak version of the RC4 algorithm instead of SHA1.

Many people voluntarily put their private information at risk. They share their social networks through smartphones and transmit unencrypted protocol over the Internet. Because of this, we always tell the reader or the security of their private information is their concern, no one can protect them, at least if they don’t. Protect your data, it’s easy, but it can also save your life!