Adjustable 3G mobile phone jammer, don’t you know about it?

Now adjustable design has signal interference for mobile phones, a large number of signal interference means the interference signal wifi jammer phone, mobile GPS signal interference or the like, the adjustable signal interference typically designed with high performance, desktop design. Well if you are looking for such a high power high power tunable signal jammer to get satisfaction and high quality adjustable signal jammer you can come to our website.

Signal frequency cell phone blocking is of course different because they are not in the same place, the same conditions and they have to vary according to the actual conditions under which. Since some people on the other hand want to stop both 3G and 4G cell phone signal, a lot of people just have to cut off the 2G 3G cell phone signal, here in what is here will introduce the desktop adjustable 3G cell phone jammer , its hundred called “4 12W High Power Antenna 3G Cell Phone Signal Jammer”, then you will have the opportunity to see more details about this high power 3G cell phone jammer.

This high power signal interference is designed to cut off CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G signal at the same time, since it is designed with four antennas and the interference radii of up to 30 m, depending on the signal strength of a given area, which is really very strong, the requirements one Meeting a lot of people. In addition, the omnidirectional antenna has been used in the 3G cell phone jammer. Because having a good cooling system, and being powered by the power adapter, it can work for 24 hours, so there is no fear of such high performance tunable 3G phone jammers that will generate heat during operation.

So now a new version of this high performance 3G cellphone jammer with adjustable knob is designed, people can really need to decide frequency interference and interference based on distance, which is very convenient. More importantly, the owner can also use this adjustable 3G cell phone jammer and adjustable for this 3G cell phone signal jammer with a car charger is also very convenient.