Cell phone jammers used in prisons to prevent criminals from communicating with the outside world

The United States Maryland disciplinary officials have started using dog sniffing mobile contraband.

Authorities say the phone has become the most popular contraband in prison. Mobile phones can be used to run criminal businesses, escape plans, organize other illegal items like drugs.

Sgt said the prisoners put the phone on the box, pickpocket books, soles and hollow soles, mattresses and pillows, basically free games to hide the phone. Mary Bloomsky, Governor of Maryland.

The authorities said the phone was desperate for prisoners to communicate with the outside world.

Mary Stouffer, director of the Maryland Corruption Services Department, said: “If we don’t try to restrict the prisoners, the prisoners can make a call and commit a crime.

Corruption officials in Maryland started using dogs in June to discover clever hidden phones. The program feeds and trains dogs to find the phone hidden in the state prison.

K-9 trainer Rodney Jordan said: “I’m really not really interested in this idea, and I think they haven’t separated the smell of the phone and things in the organization, but surprisingly yes, he has trained a dog that is in only is finished six weeks.

The trainer says that each item has a unique signature smell, the dog can pick it up, so they can distinguish the smell of the phone from the smell of television or other items.

The plan was a success, and Maryland officials say some other state prison officials contacted her to help dogs.

It’s fun to use the dog to find the phone. Of course, you can also use cell phone jammer yourself in prison. As already mentioned, cell phone jammers were used in the Berlin prison. The use of whining in prisons is one way to prevent prisoners from using their cell phones.