There are many kinds of radio jammers, you must pay attention when buying

According to the London Times, British universities are hacked hundreds of thousands of times a year, mainly in the area of ​​the latest research.

Figures show that between 2016 and 2017 Oxford, Warwick and the University of London suffered a total of 1,152 hackers. Internet security experts say that criminal gangs can always assume weaknesses in Internet security and sell stolen confidential information to other governments.

Hacking missiles, stealth materials research and a wide range of new energy fuels and battery technology applications in the military.

In addition, hackers have long been keen to do medical research in medical schools, but the university refused to provide specific details to the media.

Professor Karsten Max Planck, professor of network security at Warwick University, chairman of the British Association, director of computer research and network security maintenance at UK universities, expressed great concern.

Mr. Ma is also concerned about the security environment of the UK infrastructure network.

United Kingdom chief of police Gavin Thomas recently claimed that convicted hackers should use signal jammer to replace detention to ensure that they cannot connect to the Internet. Thomas said that this is the right way to punish hackers and save a lot of money every year. English prisoners currently spend an average of £ 38,000 a year, while radio interference on the cellular network is much cheaper.

In addition, Gavin believes that hackers, who have been in prison for many years and are often detained but carry a wireless network of wireless jammers, can be robbed of the rights of the Internet while ensuring self-awareness and calm

Thomas admitted that installing junk wifi in convicted hackers could be an obstacle, and some human rights groups indicated that steps should be taken to prevent punishment. In addition, wireless network jammers can effectively prevent hackers from stealing the network to steal other information. However, smart hackers should use other ways to surf the web, such as: B. Internet cards and routers for the Internet connection.