Is installing signal blockers a mistrust of students?

That’s why Russia’s signal jammer, and the new counter-drone “special forces” that operate them, don’t necessarily pose an existential risk to the US military’s UAVs. The Russian drone-hunters could struggle to pinpoint targets. “It would seem to be hard to do unless you knew where they were going to be and when,” one former US drone-developer explained on condition of anonymity.

This equation, though in its simplest form (without cable losses, SNR, etc.), can be used for the calculation of ANY 4G jammer scenario/budget. As can be seen, it consists of two dimensions/links (Jammer<->Drone and Operator<->Drone), and not only one dimension/link as in the case of a communication link. In other words, for each specific condition of the Operator<->Drone link (specificoutput power, antennas gain and heights, distance, etc.), exists a specificscenario/condition of the Jammer<->Drone link, required in order to jam It… that is why answering the question of “What is the range of your Drone Jammer?” is never an easy task. There are MANY possible answers to it !

According to the brief description provided by Tasnim, the signal jammer can lock onto an enemy drone, and then “disrupt its operation or even hack the aircraft and force it to land safely.” More pictures of the weapon are available at a Tasnim gallery.

Some believe that teaching kids not to use phones in class is simply a matter of teaching them respect. But when they see their parents using them at the dinner table, walking down the street and even driving, what are kids supposed to think?

There are also students expressing different opinions. Xiaoding, a senior student, thinks that it is better for the school to increase the resources of teachers than to pay for the equipment. “In addition, the installation of a signal shield is a distrust of students. If you really want to play with your phone, this device won’t stop you. He felt it was unnecessary for the school to install a signal shield.