Advanced jammers can give the country more security

Advanced jammers provide U.S. aircrews with exposure and training to ensure that the first time they encounter advanced electronic attack capabilities it is not in an actual combat environment. These  jammer capabilities are critical for continued U.S. air superiority, particularly in light of new and evolving electronic warfare threats.

Jammer was designed to neutralize the flight unauthorized Drones/Quadcopters by cell phone jammer their downlink signal. It has unique software which allows quickly detecting the drone and jamming the hostile drone from ranges of up to 4km (with special dedicated antennas). The below provides technical description of the system.

For one thing, it turns out we haven’t actually been doing much offensive electronic warfare for most of those 16 years. Back when Bacon flew over Iraq, the overwhelming focus was on just one mission: jamming radio-controlled roadside bombs (RCIEDS).

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