Interference problems are getting worse

As the drone industry is taking off, some individuals and groups have started using drones for malicious purposes around the globe. Many companies are watching the trend and are trying to get into the counter drone industry. They have introduced all sorts of drone guns, anti-UAS shotgun shells, attack birds, net cannons, lasers, missiles, radio drone jammer, radio spoofers, etc.

British drone users will have to take a multiple-guess quiz before using their Christmas toys this year, while drone users appear to have, once again, got around pre-eminent drone maker DJI’s software-based flight restrictions.

The jamming problem has been getting worse in recent years. Russian and Chinese forces have deployed increasingly powerful electronic warfare gear in the air, on the ground, and at sea—all aimed at denying the radio frequency, or RF, to the US military.The Americans are uniquely vulnerable to RF jamming, as many US war-fighting concepts rely on the ability of ground forces, aircraft and warships to exchange information via radio networks.

Experts said the enrolled students to bring mobile phone in China has become a problem, this is not a problem, in a foreign country for foreign families pay more attention to accompany children, parents in the company will teach the children how to proper use of electronic products, “how many parents can fully with domestic, some parents to accompany children also do not put down the phone, some parents directly throw a person playing mobile phone or watching cartoons.”