Is it reasonable to use a cell phone jammer in class?

Your wireless home security system uses RF signals between your different sensors and the keypad to monitor your home. Each security system emits those signals at a specific frequency that is filed with the FTC. A cell phone jammer simply sends out a super strong signal on the same frequency as your home system and causes white noise which effectively makes your system deaf to any alarm, such that the main panel cannot detect when a door or window is opened while the alarm is set.

Among the companies and organizations working on such systems are Boeing, Raytheon, BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, CACI, the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Sanad Academy, Sensofusion, SystemsGrok, Batelle, Blighter Surveillance, Systems DroneShield, Dedrone, CTS Technology, Theiss UAV Solutions, MCTech, Malou Tech, Guard from Above, Saab, UMS Aero Group, OpenWorks Engineering, Advanced Ballistics Concepts, Snake River Shooting Projects, Department 13, DeTect, Drone Defence, and Liteye Systems. Methods include cell phone jammer  and ballistic interception with munitions and nets.

When the phone works, it is within a certain frequency range. The cell phone and the base station are connected by radio waves, and the data and sound transmission can be completed by certain baud rate and modulation mode. For this kind of communication principle, the mobile phone signal shield is at a certain speed in the working process to the high end of the channel to the high-end scanning. The scanning speed can be used to generate random interference in the receiver’s signal. The phone can’t detect the normal data from the base station, and the cell phone cannot be connected to the base station. Mobile phone performance is search network, no signal, no service system and other phenomena.

In reference to the mobile phone, many people firstly think about its convenience brought to our life. While different people in different situations may have different opinions about the same thing. In many situations mobile phone is not as the good as before. For example, mobile phones can cause a distraction in education, especially in school. So there is a hot topic that should the mobile phone signal blocker be used in school. As we all know that, there should be a limited time to learn that is the school. Playing with mobile phone is something many people like, but it can get in the way of the things that we need to do. In classes teachers dislike the continuous rings of the cell phone totally because it will disturb the class order naturally. So many parents and teachers advocate the use of the mobile phone signal blocker in school. Maybe it is not feasible and legal to confiscate the mobile phones of students. But is is polite and reasonable to use the mobile phone signal jammer in class. This is the big role of the phone jammer in education. There should be a time to do the things we enjoy, like pay attention in class.