Mobile phone signal jammer is specially designed to prevent the normal use of mobile phones

Originally speaking, a mobile phone signal jammer is especially designed for stopping the normal use of cellular phones. It works by sending out the same frequency with the base station of the signal tower. So it must work in effective range, or it will does no work at all. In the last, the signal jammer is mainly used for military purpose. While in the modern society, with the wide usage of the cell phones. The need of the functional mobile phone signal jammer is also increasing.

As long as it is electronic products have radiation, as for the radiation shielding device, slightly larger than the cell phone, routers, but choose normal manufacturer’s products, through the national multiple departments detection, conforms to the national radiation protection sign value, there is no impact on the human body. The radiation is less than 40 microwatts per square centimeter and is safe.

On one hand, there is a risk that lawbreakers like hackers may steal your document and attack you network via WiFi or Bluetooth. Thus, it is one of the main reasons that why people use the WiFi jammers in many places such as government, military, finance, security, police and command center to help them now. Since these places are rigorous in information protection.

The invasion of privacy using a drone will be a clear cut criminal offence. Moving to criminalise the use of drones for any sort of anti-social behaviour empowers the public and private businesses to protect themselves against this behaviour. The single greatest drone defence is drone signal jammer. Drone jamming is already in use in sensitive areas surrounding government property and in some cases industrial property too. Legislation will soon be in place and a drone capture using drone jamming will tip the balance in favour of those on the right side of the law. Once a drone has been captured it can be electronically identified and the operator traced to source.