Jammer can solve the problem of mobile phone radiation

If you are in a college, school, office, exam hall, and hospital, etc. Where you can build a bluetooth and wifi jammer to prevent the noise and any disturbance due to phone, wifi and bluetooth.This gsm jammer is so tiny you can fit into pocket and carry it anywhere. It can be powered through your power bank or 3.7v LiPo battery. You can select which WiFi network you want to jam and attack on it. But be sure this is just for educational purposes; do not use this for the wrong purposes.

The weaponization of space includes placing weapons in outer space or on heavenly bodies as well as creating weapons that will transit outer space or simply travel from Earth to attack or destroy targets in space. Examples include the placing of orbital or suborbital satellites with the intention of attacking enemy satellites, using ground-based direct ascent missiles to attack space assets, jamming signals sent from enemy satellites, using lasers to incapacitate enemy satellites, plasma attacks, orbital ballistic missiles, and satellite attacks on Earth targets. These can be further classified into direct-energy and kinetic-energy weapons.

One way to stop these disrupting ringing is to install a device in such places which will inhibit the use of mobiles, i.e., make them obsolete. Such a device is known as cell phone jammer or “gps jammer“, which is basically some kind of electronic countermeasure device.

The above-mentioned health risks prove that cell phone radiations are injurious to health. Therefore, use cellphone jammers to minimize the bad effects of a cellphone. Usually, children are in the developing stage of their lives. Therefore, exposing to a cellphone in the initial stage can greatly affect their mental as well as physical health. Hence, it is advised to use mobile network jammer. These jammers will protect children from harmful rays and help them to grow in a healthy way.

Weapons capable of jamming or destroying U.S. military and commercial satellites will reach initial operational capability in the next few years, according to a new intelligence report. ABMS seeks to harvest the latest ISR-oriented technologies from current and emerging systems as a way to take a very large step forward – and connect satellites, drones, ground sensors and manned surveillance aircraft seamlessly in real time across a fast-changing, dispersed combat area of operations. ABMS is described by Air Force officials as more of a “system” than platform-specific application. This technical approach is of great significance amid anticipated future threat scenarios wherein electronic attacks, cyber intrusions and GPS “jamming” weapons are both emerging and proliferating.