Use of mobile phone jammer, do you know?

While mobile phone high power jammer have been installed in the jail to check its use, outdated technology used by these jammers in the era of 3G and 4G technology has made them redundant. According to Singh, a proposal to install new jammers has already been sent to the government, but nothing has been done to replace the old 2G jammers.

According to some news, a driver in Indonesia suffered burns and his car was severely damaged when petrol vapor exploded after being ignited by static electricity from the mobile phone he was using. It is so terrible. It is very necessary to install one high power cell phone jammer blocker to keep yo off the danger. The threat mobile phones pose to gas stations and their users around the world is largely due to their ability to produce sparks. Some people, especially teenagers, are easily fall for cell phone for these reasons when they are in the gas station because they have no idea of the hidden threat and easy to forget the warning.

In 2013, the service developed a system called Simulated Programmable Aircraft-Embedded Jammer, which can realistically simulate GPS jamming on one plane’s equipment without affecting others.During the latest US Air Force drill started last Friday till February 18, fighter pilots will be tested if they can carry out operations successfully when the satellite positioning signal is jammed.

Communication jamming devices were first developed and used by military. This interest comes from the fundamental objective of denying the successful transport of information from the sender (tactical commanders) to the receiver (the army personnel), and vice-versa.

Cell phone jammer is a piece of equipment capable of blocking reception or transmission of cell phone signals. This is mostly done by creating some form of interference at the operating frequency ranges of cell phones, which results in no signal or significant loss of signal quality