Jammer is a cold killer

The US Navy’s USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier has reached the Philippines, and it looks like China has jamming equipment in the South China Sea. While 4G jammer isn’t anywhere near shooting, the provocative activity “could lead to an escalatory pattern that could be negative for both sides,” and the US will “not look kindly” on the practice, according to an expert.

Perfectjammer’s Drone Jammer Gun Pro is a drone jammer and killer with soft and hard kill options. It is capable of jamming drones from a distance of one kilometer. The operators will be able to destroy UAVs with the push of a button. As Sputnik reports, the hard kill option works with various machine guns.Over the last years, several reports on the use of military jammers, or jammers operated by governmental organizations, have surfaced. This includes reports on the use of Russian GPS jammers during the Iraq wars, reports on North Korea jamming towards South Korea, or an incident where the US Navy accidentally knocked out GPS for three days in the San Diego harbor in January 2007 by means of a jammer. However, for obvious reasons, not too much information can be found on the details of these incidents.

The Systems Tool Kit (STK) has a quick tutorial that demonstrates how to determine if a small, hand-held GPS jammer can interfere with your mission. One can also determine how spectrum filters or phased array adaptive nulling can counter this, or design new systems as other phenomenologies to get positioning, such as celestial navigation, that operate in these denied environment.

When evaluating the influence of a jammer on a receiver, one should use the J/S relationship (jamming/signal). When expressed in dB, it is the difference between the power of the interfering signal and power of the received one.

The largest number of jamming events is caused by PPDs. A famous example is the case of a truck driver regularly passing by Newark airport with his PPD in operation, causing significant problems for the receivers of the ground based augmentation system (GBAS) installed nearby. To the knowledge of the authors, this is also the first case where a considerable fine was imposed on the responsible person for causing the jamming . However, according to , several ten thousands of jamming events have been registered in the last few years. The fact that these jammers can be purchased easily via the internet surely contributes to the high number of jamming events, see Figure 1. According to the law in most countries, the purchase of the device itself is legal, but not its operation.