There are many types of jammers, so choose the right one when buying

The Russian army has established a ground-based unit specializing in defeating enemy drones. The unit—the first of its kind in Russia—operates electronic jamming systems that, in theory, can sever the radio connections between unmanned aerial vehicles and their operators.Russian-made signal jammer reportedly have been successful in forcing down drones in the recent past. But that doesn’t mean America’s huge fleet of military UAVs is defenseless.

The Perfectjammer will incorporate a suite of anti-drone solutions including RadarZero, a portable drone detection radar; RfOne, a drone detection device using an RF direction finder, a rifle-like counter-drone jammer. “The resulting product is believed to be a first of its kind — a non-military vehicle with a suite of counter-drone, multi-sensor, detect-and-defeat solutions,” a company press release states.

As it stands now the Navy’s principal airborne electronic attack systems relies on technology developed in the 1970’s: While the service has switched from the old EA-6B Prowler to the new EA-18G Growler as its electronic attack aircraft, the actual radar-portable jammer systems on the aircraft are largely the same. Service leaders are worried that with rapid advances by China and Russia in electromagnetic warfare will put their pilots at a major disadvantage, sooner rather than later.

But the sources told NBC that Russian’s sophisticated jamming equipment, which was developed by its military, has proved to be effective even against some encrypted signals and anti-jamming receivers.The Rychag-AV is considered one of the world’s most powerful  jammer when it comes to disrupting the electronics of combat aircraft and cruise missiles.Russia’s Rossiyskaya Gazeta daily cited military experts as saying that the Rychag-AV jammers added significantly to reducing the effectiveness of the US air strike on Syria’s Ash Sha’irat airbase in April 2017.

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